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Tayeb Hassabo Abdalla

Position: Managing Partner, Aztan Law Firm

Expert Overview

A co-founder and Managing Partner of AZTAN Law Firm. Licensed, practising and legal expert in Sudan since 1989, in Muscat since 1992 and in Dubai, UAE since June 1994. Head of Corporate and Business Department in Algharib Law Firm of Dubai, and Head of Corporate and Business Department in Aztan, Sulaf & Associates, South Sudan. Specialized in business laws, corporate matters and domestic and international arbitration. Handled infra-structure transactions, giant agriculture projects, international procurement agreements, telecommunication projects, distribution and agency agreements, acquisition and merger of companies.

International Arbitration Appointments

No. of international arbitration appointments 3
No. of those as chair 0
No. of those as sole arbitrator 0
No. of those as wing-arbitrator 3
No. of those appointed by arbitral institutions 1
No. of those that were ad hoc arbitrations 2
Names of African co-arbitrators 1. Dr. Omer Ali; 2. Dr. Taj Elsir Elshosh; 3. Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Elobeid; 4. Mr. Taj Elsir Elhibir
Names of arbitral institutions involved Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA)
Appointing authority involved in the ad-hoc arbitrations? Yes
Names of appointing authority in ad-hoc arbitrations Khartoum Commercial Court
Where did you sit? Khartoum
Under which applicable laws and rules? Sudanese laws and CRCICA rules

Supporting Documents

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