The African Arbitration Association (AfAA) provides this African Arbitraton Atlas, which is a free online one-stop resource comprising of:

  • African Arbitration Legislation (AAL); and
  • a Directory of African International Arbitrators (DAIA)

The AAL holds arbitration laws of African countries. It is a tool that has interactive and comparative features.  The interactive features allow a user to hover over text on the left-hand side of the page, which will highlight countries on the interactive map of the continent indicating whether they have arbitration institutions, have adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law and are signatories to the New York Convention, the ICSID Convention and OHADA or not. Clicking a country on the interactive map will bring up an arbitration summary of that country, allowing a user to view, search and download that country’s arbitration legislation.  A user is also able to view contact details of a country’s arbitration institution(s), if any.  The comparative feature allows a user to compare arbitration provisions of two African countries or an African country with the UNCITRAL Model Law, by selecting them and the arbitration topics from a dropdown menu. View the AAL





The AfAA’s Directory of African International Arbitrators (DAIA) is a platform that holds a database of African arbitrators with international arbitration experience and/or qualification.  The purpose of the DAIA is to make African international arbitrators more visible and accessible. Users are able to search arbitrators by gender, nationality, language, areas of specialism and more. The DAIA is open to all international arbitrators with African nationality.  African arbitrators are encouraged to submit their profiles. Submissions are moderated by the AfAA before they are added to the DAIA.  Being listed on the DAIA is free for AfAA members. Non-AfAA members are charged a small fee. View the DAIA