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Ms Eunice Shang-Simpson

Position: Director, Shangress Limited


An Arbitrator and Mediator based in the UK, Eunice is currently a PhD Candidate at Canterbury Christchurch University, focusing on Investor-State disputes and International Trade Negotiations. She is a member of the Ghana Bar, a UK Solicitor-Advocate and a Council Member of the Law Society of England and Wales. With over 15 years’ experience in her former career as a Specialist Crown Prosecutor and Senior Policy Advisor, Eunice has a track record of successfully steering critical EU cross-border dispute resolution meetings as Chairperson. She is on the CPR Global Panel of Distinguished Neutrals and is a Panel Member of the Business Arbitration Scheme (BAS) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

International Arbitration Appointments

No. of international arbitration appointments 1
No. of those as chair 0
No. of those as sole arbitrator 1
No. of those as wing-arbitrator 0
Names of African co-arbitrators N/A
No. of appointments by arbitral institutions 1
Names of arbitral institutions involved Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK
Where did you sit? London
Under which applicable laws and rules? English Arbitration Act 1966 law; Business Arbitration Scheme Rules of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

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