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Mr. Adam Shalakany

Position: Senior Partner, Shalakany


Adam El Shalakany has over ten years of experience in international commercial arbitration. Adam has worked on over 40 arbitrations as counsel in that time with various governing laws including: Egyptian, U.A.E., Swiss, Iraqi, Investment law, and Sudanese law before all of the major arbitral institutions.  Adam is specialized in investment and construction law but has also worked significantly in services, tech and maritime arbitrations.

International Arbitration Appointments

No. of international arbitration appointments 3
No. of those as chair 0
No. of those as sole arbitrator 0
No. of those as wing-arbitrator 3
No. of those appointed by arbitral institutions 1
No. of those that were ad hoc arbitrations 0
Names of African co-arbitrators Mr. Abayomi Okubote; Ms. Madeline Kimei; Mr. Sharif Saadani; Ms. Dima Haijar;
Mr. Haytham Ali
Names of arbitral institutions involved Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA)
Where did you sit? Cairo
Under which applicable laws and rules? Egyptian Law, CRCICA rules

Supporting Documents

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