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Me Mouhamed Kebe

Position: Partner, Geni & Kebe


I am based in Senegal and Ivory Coast and I practice as arbitrator and Counsel as well. I have been appointed in arbitrations as Counsel under ICSID and as arbitrator under ICC, UNCITRAL and OHADA.

International Arbitration Appointments

No. of international arbitration appointments 3
No. of those as chair 0
No. of those as sole arbitrator 1
No. of those as wing-arbitrator 2
No. of those appointed by arbitral institutions 2
No. of those that were ad hoc arbitrations 1
Names of African co-arbitrators Prof. Paul Gérard Pogoue
Dr. Sadjo Ousmanou
Names of arbitral institutions involved ICC; CCJA; PCA
Where did you sit? France; Gabon
Under which applicable laws and rules? ICC; CCJA; UNCITRAL

Supporting Documents

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